Parametres Measured

Parameters Measured

  • True simultaneous multi parameter measurement in Real Time
  • No need for analytical reagents completely eliminates disposal
    problems and costs
  • No need for analytical reagents completely eliminates disposal
  • No sample preparation required for samples with particles
    up to 3mm in size
  • Built-in sample pump as standard
  • Fully automatic operation and cleaning cycles minimise maintenance
  • Internal storage for 30 days of data
  • Windows‚ based software for remote automatic collection, storage of data and production of reports
  • Remote software package to provide advance warning to operator
  • Process feedback for improved control and plant efficiency
  • BOD
  • COD
  • TOC
  • Ammonia
  • Total Suspended Solids
  • pH Colour Turbidity
  • Sample Temperature
  • Ion Selective Electrode
Parametres Measured


Real Time
Real Time
BOD, COD And TOCReal Time Monitoring
Real Time Monitoring
Water Analysis PriorTo Treatment Works
Water Analysis Prior
To Treatment Works
Quality Process Optimisation
Quality Process
Real Time Continuous Monitor
Real Time
Continuous Monitor
Process Alarm Monitoring
Alarm Monitoring

Aquascan‚ is an innovative state of the art water quality analyser from NTS Europe. Developed from a concept by Hyder Consultancy, Aquascan offers true simultaneous multi parameter measurement for a full range of water quality parameters. Aquascan is a robust fully automatic,Applications self cleaning instrument capable of accepting a sample with particles up to 3mm in size completely eliminatine the need for sample preparation systems and their inherent maintenance costs.

The instrument uses UV absorption and scattering characteristics of the sample constituents, a well proven and established technique to derive BOD, COD, TOC and Ammonia. Determination of Total Suspended Solids is by IR absorption and correlation against the conventional gravimetric technique. Correlations to the traditional laboratory determinations are excellent.

Conventional sensing technology and IR absorption are used for continuous measurement of pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Apparent Colour and Sample Temperature. Organic pollution parameters and ammonia are derived using algorithms which use the outputs of an array of optical sensors together with corrections for pH, conductivity and temperature. Optional Windows based software for automatic collection and storage of data is available. Reports can be generated automatically and alarm limits are programmable to provide early notification of changes to the composition of a sample stream.

Applications Real Time Consent Monitoring for Effluent Quality Process Optimisation Real TimeLCD monitor Continuous Monitor for BOD, COD and TOC Process Alarm Monitoring of water courses prior to Treatment Works



A large LCD screen for continuous display of the measured parameters is included.

Historical data stored in the analyser’s memory can be displayed as graphical data.

Analyser Operation

Analyser Operation

For reliable monitoring it is essential to keep the sample delivery, measuring system and sensors clean. TSS and turbidity determinations are made without the need for sample filtration. All measurements are performed in a single flowcell. The incoming sample is subjected to coarse screening at the sample intake point, primarily to ensure rags etc. are not drawn into the inlet hose. The size of the screening mesh can be varied to suit the application, but is typically from 1 to 3mm. The sample passes through the patented flowcell to drain at a steady flowrate.

The flowcell design allows the sample to be well mixed and ensures that fouling of the flowcell and sensors is minimised.  A programmable pressure wash system periodically deploys a jet wash ram along the length of the flowcell to clean all the internal surfaces and sensors. Biocides and / or detergents can also be automatically combined with the wash water to provide a more aggressive cleaning action. During the cleaning cycle the sample pump reverses direction to allow the wash water to backflush the instrument sample lines, inlet pipework and intake screen. This entire process is operator independent.